Dear investor

As you have been informed, due to a 10-year experience of testing, installing, and applying various types of multipurpose and accumulative meters, our company has decided to enter both the region and the world market. Therefore, we are seeking to produce this budget and profitable product with the aid of an investor through a two-sided agreement and in everywhere the investor intends to.
We would like to explain about the research and development in the middle east, stock market in case of using this electricity meter, and the consequential profits for the governments and investors. In the middle east with around 700 million populations, the governments are really in need of controlling energy. Considering the current status of meter construction technology, there is no need to mention that there is still a long way to reach the ideal situation.
The first challenge the governments are facing is providing the necessary amount of budget either to purchase or to produce the electricity meter. Even if the production process goes on inside the country, unlimited amount of money flows to other countries for buying the initial pieces. Next, we would like to mention the statistics on the necessity of the production, the target market, and the fact that how producing this type of electricity meter is both budget friendly and profitable.

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