Sohrab Bozorg Pishani

Managing Director


Founder company Somitra B.V Mr Sohrab Bozorg Pishni Managing director of Somitra B.V., Sohrab Bozorg Pishani, is also CEO of Sleer B.V.. As a leading European innovator of Smart and Digital technologies, Somitra Group is now able to achieve significant growth and stronger direct Customer relationships with water suppliers in its home market of the Netherlands, as well as the rest of Europe and Globally.


Somitra B.V

Somitra B.V. was founded in 2012 in The Netherlands. Our competitive advantages are the knowledge of doing business in the Middle East, our broad network of competent business partners in the region as well as in Europe and our entrepreneurial spirit when we face challenges and opportunities.


Somitra B.V

Leveraging these competitive advantages, the core business of Somitra B.V. is to provide a well-founded “bridge” for western (particularly European) solution providers to enter the, often-unexplored yet attractive, market of the Middle East.


He is also the founder of Sleer in the Netherlands

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