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As consultants, we are would like to state 3 points to which the purchasers shall pay fullattention when purchasing BMS.

Nowadays, proficiency results in credit and reliability in every field. For instance, when suffering from an acute illness, we certainly prefer a specialist to a practitioner, and we do the same in other aspects of our lives. However, sometimes for minor issues we would rather focus on financial aspects rather than for quality and would not seek a specialist in this case.

Due to the fact that using various forms of energy has not been of great importance in our country and prices have not been calculated on a progressive basis to date, conserving and preventing waste of electrical and thermal energy have been neglected by users. The only point which matters to the purchasers is having BMS installed in their buildings This is ultimately disadvantageous to users regarding the fact that sellers sell products inattentive to the fundamental requirements of projects. Besides, they neglect their application. This is the main drawback of the BMS applied to projects, i.e. lack of trust in technology.

Most devices marketed in the world are not proportionate to the demand of purchasers since they are used in various places including hotels, commercial centers, and residential dwellings, i.e. a device for all places, and this indicates that the device is not specialized.

Considering the fact that our country is in critical conditions regarding the energy, like other countries and generation costs have soared and energy consumption has gone up, we ought to consider controlling, conserving, and saving energy in projects. This requires employing specialized devices which can make the most profit with the least expenses. The brand which we are about to introduce does not require any special instruments for final implementation of the project and occupies little space due to its design which is peculiar to the intended project.

The other noteworthy feature is warranty and support which is of a great importance; however, the conditions of guarantees revocation in the world indicate something else on which there is room for debate.

Considering the idiom “We Are All Too Poor to Buy Cheap”, please note that the purchased specialized devices shall not need specialists to repair them after the end of warranties, and this issue creates costs and dependence to sellers; therefore. It would be better if a simple electronic repairman could also repair devices according to their repair manuals.

We are now about to introduce a technology which is designed exclusively for your projects in terms of software and hardware. In addition to the size, high efficiency and installation and the ability to launch without significant changes in the framework, it can mostly satisfy demand and produce desirable results. By presenting data sheets at the end of the work, we will assure you.

The concept of energy conservation, heretofore just an expression, has come closer to the reality with the help of this technology and it prevents energy waste to a greater extent. For instance, energy conservation in hotels will result in 40% consumption decrease in ideal situations, and this means the prevention of the waste of your money.

In the following, we outline all specifications, applications, and technical specifications of the specialized and smart device, branded Sleer, providing a 2-year free replacement warranty and the least conditions for warranty revocation.

It is worth mentioning that the warranty period indicates the high quality of the product and we proudly present this issue to our customers.

Comparison of this device with other devices is left to your discretion.



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Sleer corporation began in 2002 as a manufacturer of lighting systems under the brand name EKD. Gradually, there were significant changes in productions, their efficiency, and the required infrastructure. Began in 2005 This way, we attempted to be synchronized with the world-class technology and set up a research and development unit so that we can create new ways of building infrastructure.


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